The world is ready. Are you?

René Mächler, CEO and owner of RMC Consulting AG, has worked in a variety of countries and regions throughout his career.

His activities have included launching of his own trading companies as well as partnerships with local distributors in the following locations:

  • Europe: Greece, Great Britain, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Hungary, Cyprus
  • Asia: Turkey, India, Singapore
  • Middle East: Israel, United Arab Emirates
  • Pacific: Australia, New Zealand
  • Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa
  • The Caribbean

RMC Consulting AG sees itself as your partner in building bridges into new international markets. These stable pathways serve to effectively establish your products and services in the desired new market. For Swiss companies, choosing the domestic workplace as your production and management location also strengthens the national economy.