Have you asked the right questions?
And gotten the right answers?

It happens more often that you think: a company introduces an existing, successful product from their domestic market into a new marketplace and fails.

This kind of mistake can easily be avoided by asking the right questions before moving forward. RMC Consulting AG knows which questions to ask and answers them together with you. For example:

  • Which markets would you like to export to?
  • Is the expansion strategy realistic?
  • What is the best way to implement your strategy for long-term success?
  • Are your products compliant with local markets and regulations?
  • What is the best way to communicate the consumer benefits of your product?
  • Do you have reliable sales and distribution channels in place?
  • Are your local sales and distribution partners able to handle the job?

We work closely with you to clarify and understand conditions in the local market. We point out pitfalls and provide solutions to adapt your products, advertising and marketing efforts – and even you personally – for a successful launch in the new market.